Steffie Chau    鄒澔鏞

traces of absence

traces of absence invites contemplation on the passage of time and the enduring imprints of love and loss. From delicate assemblages of found objects to paintings derived from personal archival images and memories, I explore absence, transition, and empathy into tangible forms, and provide visceral connections to these universal feelings. Each of my chosen subjects have witnessed the ebb and flow of people’s experiences, mundane yet intense moments of everyday life. In traces, I stow objects such as bones collected from meals I have eaten, crab exoskeletons, abalone shells, and spoons. These are everyday artefacts that mirror my experiences of love and loss. Through navigating intangible aspects of what is no longer there, I translate the presence of absence through the act of painting, inviting viewers to contemplate the nature of relationship between human and object. Ultimately, traces of absence highlights the fleeting nature of life and the incessant flow of time. Thus, contributing to a broader social awareness of the significance of human connection in an increasingly disconnected world. - Steffie, 2024

Installation Views